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Swine Fever Thermo-Stable Vaccine, Live (Tissue Origin)


For the prevention of swine fever. Immunity can be developed after 4 days of injection.Efficacy for piglets without maternal antibody after weaningat atleast 12 weeks following completion of vaccination has been demonstrated.


Store and transport refrigerated (2 ℃ – 8 ℃) and Valid for 24 months.



1.Thermo-stable product, more stable antigen potency

The new generation of thermo-stable agent allow storage at 2-8 degrees Celsius achievable, effectively preventing the antigen and titer loss during transport and use, enabling isothermal storage of vaccine and diluent, ensuring isothermal dilution and guaranteeing the immunisation effect. Stable production process, effectively maintaining the stability of the product within and between batches.

2. High antigen content guarantee the efficacy
The antigen content is tested using a dual-standard to enable that the antigen content per does is greater than 30,000 RID and the TCID50 is greater than 105.0, which can effectively break through the interference of maternal antibodies.

3.  Pureer antigen, safe immunisation
Full fluorescence quantitative PCR monitoring to avoid no contamination by exogenous viruses such as BVDV. Low serum culture and multi-stage filtration strictly control the quality of the vaccine, making the finished product purer and safer for immunization 4 Dilutable with YUAN ZHI, reducing burden and increasing efficiency
The use of advanced production, purification and lyophilisation processes results in a higher antigen content, a purer and safer vaccine, and the application of Porcine circovirus type 2 and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Inactivated Vaccine (Strain SH + Strain HN0613) diluted for co-immunisation is synergistic and reduce the number of immunisations and workload.

Reference immunization procedure

Boar:Vaccinate 2 times/ year, one dose per head

Sow:Vaccinate intervention before mating,or vaccinate 2 times/ year as the regular immunization,one dose per head

Gilt:Vaccinate 2 times at a 30-days intervention before mating,one dose per head

Piglet: In swine fever regular cleaning district,none maternal antibody piglets vaccinate 1 time after weaning. In endemic happened,vaccinate at 21-30 day-old and 65 day-old

*Use only under the guidance of a veterinarian
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