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About Pulike

Stock code: 603566

Pulike is a listed animal health company in China (stock abbreviation: PULIKE, stock code: 603566). We are dedicated to supporting customers and their businesses in ever better ways. Building on more than 25 years of experience, we deliver quality medicines, vaccines, and diagnostic products, complemented by biodevices, genetic tests and precision livestock farming.

Our name Pulike, A Portmanteau of “Public” and “Like”. It signals our company’s dedication to making our products address customer needs from prevention to detection and treatment.

Pulike funded with gold medal quality and developed continuously by scientific and technological innovation, owning 6 GMP manufacturers based total 50 product lines. Over 150 products include traditional veterinary drugs(injection, powder, premix, tablet oral solution and disinfectant) and veterinary vaccine for pigs, poultry, cattle, sheep and pets. Currently, there are over 1700 employees, including over 200 research and development personnel. More than 10% of the revenue in 2022, equivalent to $ 178 million invested in research and development.



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