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Innovation Creates the Future


Build an innovation platform with high starting point and high standard, and adhere to the combination of independent innovation and integrated innovation.

Independent innovation system

the National Research Center for Veterinary Medicine (NVC) was founded by Pulike under the approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology, which covers an area of nearly 20,000 square meters, with more than 270 technical R&D personnel with doctoral and master’s degrees as the mainstay.NVC consists of research institutes of animal vaccine, biotechnology, animal medicine, scientific research management department, intellectual property department and other technical management departments, and has supporting systems such as laboratory research, pilot test and production scale-up research, animal experimental research and quality control research.Focusing on cutting-edge technology, guided by market demand, aiming at the “blank” of industry technology and products and the “combination” of national industrial policy and market demand, NVC is committed to the research and development of veterinary biological products, chemical drugs, high-tech preparations and Chinese veterinary drugs.

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Integrated innovation system

In the same time of relying on the above innovation platform to insist on independent innovation, the company has successively carried out extensive industry-university-research cooperation with many well-known institutes such as Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Harbin Veterinary Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chinese Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center, China Agricultural University, etc., actively carried out integrated innovation, tackled key problems around common and key core technologies in the development of Chinese veterinary drug industry, and made great efforts to improve engineering and industrialization capabilities and universal service capabilities, providing technical support for improving the overall technological progress of veterinary drug industry and promoting the healthy development of Chinese animal husbandry.

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Pulike focuses on bringing in high-end talents with an international perspective, and has a high-quality R&D team with doctors and masters as the mainstay.
Tian Kegong
Tian Kegong
NVC Director
Deputy General Manager of Pulike Biological Engineering Inc., Director of National Research Center for Veterinary Medicine, distinguished professor of Henan Agricultural University, Doctoral Supervisor, Chief Expert of OIE Reference Laboratory of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS).
Zhang Xuke
Zhang Xuke
CEO,NVC Honorary Chairman
The executive director of Pulike. He is also the director of Putai, a part-time professor and master's supervisor of Henan Agricultural University, the vice chairman of China Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine Association, the vice president of China Veterinary Medicine Association, and the executive director of Henan Province Academician Expert Work Promotion Association. He has been awarded as "National Excellent Science and Technology Worker", "National Meritorious Person of Animal Husbandry and Enriching the People", "Cross-century Academic and Technical Leader of Henan Province", "Eighth batch of Henan Provincial Excellent Experts". He has also been awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science and Technology in the 60 years of New China", "Model Worker of Henan Province", "Top Ten in Science and Technology Innovation of Henan Province", and so on. He has been honored as "Top Ten Advanced Individuals in Science and Technology Innovation of Henan Province", "Excellent Private Entrepreneur of Henan Province", etc.
Yu Xiuling
Yu Xiuling
NVC Assistant Director
Assistant director of the National Veterinary Drug Engineering Technology Research Center, he received his undergraduate degree from the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Yanbian Agricultural College, his master's degree from the Department of Pathology, PLA Veterinary University, and his PhD (Veterinary Pathology) from the College of Veterinary Medicine, China Agricultural University. He has long been engaged in laboratory animal pathology testing and research work.

R&D team

Pulike has more than 270 technical R&D personnel, formed a technical R&D team with doctoral and master’s degree as the mainstay, with reasonable major structure and continuously optimizing level, it has been recognized as an excellent technical team and an advanced collective of professional

Based on its strong innovation capability and R&D platform, the company has made a series of innovative achievements and become a leading enterprise in scientific and technological innovation in the domestic animal medicine industry.
Innovative Technolog
Patent Application

57National certificates of new veterinary drugs

253Authorized invention patents

500More than 500 invention patent applications

10More than 10 scientific and technological progress awards at or above the provincial level

2National certificates of new veterinary drugs

500More than 500 invention patent applications

14&2814 PCT, 28 entered the national stage

253253 invention patents granted

2626 are international patents

22China Patent Excellence Award

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