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Extracted Egg-yolk Antibody against Goose Parvovirus

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 For prevention of Goose Parvovirus,Duck Tongue Disease

Administration and dosage

Subcutaneous or intramuscular injection. For 1 to 5 days of age, 0.5ml per gosling; Over 5 days of age, 1ml per gosling.



(2)250 ml/vial

(3)500 ml/vial

Inject antibodies 0.5ml/feather after shelling of commercial meat ducks. It is mainly for pre-prevention, once symptoms appear, treatment is not obvious. After that, the ducklings should be immunized with 1ml/feather or the second vaccination.


(1) Immunological persistent period of one injection is 6 days.

(2) A trace of white precipitate on the bottom of the bottle after standing that has no impact on the effect.

(3) Application of this production can have inferring effect. Attenuated Goose Parvovirus vaccine cannot inoculate in 7 days after injection.

(4) Used bottles, utensils, and residues should under harmless disposal standard approved by the competent authorities.

Storage and shelf life:Store between 2℃ to 8, valid for 12months.

Approval Number: Veterinary drug biological product 160022267

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*Use only under the guidance of a veterinarian
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