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A Chronicle of Miao Yi Duo’s Stray Animal Rescue Efforts


On the way heading to Onehealth purpose,we will never stopped.

In order to help achieve the goal of eliminating dog-to-human rabies by 2030, create a harmonious environment for people, animals and nature, and improve animal welfare standards, Huizhong Animal Protection and the Capital Animal Protection Association officially launched the 2024 stray animal rescue action in May. It is hoped that through this action, necessary medical supplies will be provided to stray animal rescue yards and animal protection organizations in universities across the country to jointly protect the lives and health of fur children and promote a harmonious society between people and animals.

Whether in a bustling city or a quiet town, there are Miao Yi duo caring for animals and protecting lives.

In this rescue action, a total of 11 stray animal rescue bases in 17 cities including Beijing, Dalian, Qinhuangdao, Bengbu, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Kunming and 9 animal protection organizations in universities provided with medical supplies such as cat triple Miao Yiduo, rabies vaccine Pet Yixing and anthelmintic Be Chongen, benefiting 3,975 stray animals and bringing hope and warmth to stray animals.

Miao Yiduo prevents core infectious diseases such as cat plague, cat calici, and cat rhinotracheitis. It selects the popular strains in China, and the unique antigen ratio is combined with a new patented adjuvant to achieve a higher level of protection with two injections. It is safe, low-sensitivity, painless and traceless.

Chong Yixing prevents rabies infectious diseases, has a fast immune response, and produces protective antibodies in 7 days. Dogs and cats are vaccinated painlessly, tracelessly, and non-allergic. Vaccination is safer and the protection is longer-lasting.

Bei Chongen is safe and non-irritating, and it completely kills adult fleas, flea eggs, larvae and spleens. It has a unique patented excipient formula that repels insects and nourishes hair follicles at the same time, making the fur smooth and protecting fur children throughout their life cycle.

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