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Extinguish Chicken Pox Anti-ILTV Burden Reduction without Worries


With the development of the trend of large-scale breeding and the strengthening of the importance of biosecurity, genetically engineered vaccine has the advantages of two vaccines in one shot, stopping after use and less stress, etc., and is gradually gaining the users' attention.

Pulike Presented ILTV genetically engineered vaccine

Hou Do Ning

Recombinant Chicken Pox Virus Vector Vaccine against Infections Laryngotracheitis

Specification: 1000 feather/ vial* 200 vial/ case

Composition and content: The vaccine contains recombinant chicken pox virus expressing infectious laryngotracheitis virus gB gene, with more than 104.0 PFU of virus per feather

Immunization period: 5 months

Storage and expiration date: 18 months at -15°C


One shot two prevention

Strong protection, one immunization can prevent and control both chicken pox and laryngeal disease, which is more trouble-free and fits the concept of load reduction that pulike always advocates and insists on.

High safety No side effects

Live vaccine is generally more virulent and more stressful, and the immunization of larynx by dotting eyes can easily cause irreversible Shanghai such as chicken blindness, which brings greater economic loss to farmers.

Administrate ILTV Live Vaccine by Eye Drop Leading Blind

Genetically engineered, stop as you go

It is a genetically engineered vector vaccine, which can be used as needed and does not disperse or return to strong virulence. It is good for chicken farms that have no ILTV and never vaccinated ILTV vaccine.

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