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Is Vaccination for swine only safe enough?



In a large-scale farm in Jiangxi province with 2000 sows in stock, the author selected 1300 healthy lactating piglets around 2-3 weeks of age. They were divided into 3 groups, labeled as 760 in the test group (Yuan Ke Xin group), 514 in the control 1 group (a domestic genetically engineered subunit circular vaccine) and 510 in the control 2 group (a domestic genetically engineered subunit circular vaccine).

For the experiment trail, while the other feeding standards, the other feeding standards, management procedures, and immune care were carried out according to the daily procedures of the farm. Before the test, the test pigs were marked with ear numbers, weighed, and observed the feed intake, feces and mental condition, etc., while keeping relevant records.


Yuan Ke Xin:1 dose of a genetically engineered subunit vaccine against porcine circovirus type 2, 1 ml/head, at an average age of 14 days.

Control: at an average age of 14 days, 1 dose of a domestic genetically engineered subunit circovirus vaccine, 1 ml/head


Through the tracking statistics, for the lactation stage immunization age, weaning average weight, as well as stress and overall health status to assess; for the nursing stage, mainly for the dead amoy rate, daily weight gain, material to meat ratio for analysis and comparison; the results are as follows.

Table 1 Statistical analysis of lactation stage data

  Group NameAnimal Quantity(head)Vaccination Age (day-old)Average Weaning Weight(kg)Stress ConditionHealth Condition
Yuan Ke Xin Group760147.75NoneHealthy
Control Group 1514147.85NoneHealthy
Control Group 2510147.24NoneHealthy

Table 2 Statistical analysis of experimental production data

Group NameAnimal Quantity(head)MortalityAverage Weight(kg)Daily weight Gain(g)FCRAverage number of days in the test(day)
Yuan Ke Xin Group7580.2%28.42kg411g1.634:150
Control Group 15110.5%29.5kg441g1.665:149
Control Group 25051%27.9kg440g1.635;147

From the above clinical application results, it can be seen that.

In terms of immune safety, both round ring vaccines did not show immune stress reactions and both showed good vaccine safety.

In terms of vaccine efficacy, both the YuanKeXin and the domestic genetically engineered subunit round vaccine showed consistent immunization effect in terms of meat ratio and average weight, and were significantly better than the domestic genetically engineered subunit round vaccine in terms of dead panning rate, showing good clinical application effect.

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