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CellDex1-Cell Cultivation Spherical Microcarrier

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Great support matrix that allows for the growth of adherent cells in bioreactors.Expansion capacity can be multiplied several times over.

Packing Specification

50g/bottle,250g/bottle,500g/bottle,1kg/bottle, 5 kg/ bottle


Product Description

Spherical microcarrier is a kind of spherical carrier suitable for cell suspension culture. It is a kind of spherical microcarrier which can be used for cell adhesion and is formed by diethylaminochloroethane bonding on agarose microspheres.

CellDex is the most widely used microcarrier for adherent cell suspension culture

Passage cell line: Vero, HEK293, CHO , MRC-5BHK21, MDCKST

Primary cell line: CEF, PAM ,myeloma cells and car-tand, etc.


  • It can efficiently and simply separate culture materials and cells, harvest products, and realize perfusion culture or continuous flow culture.
  • It can be cultured in large-scale stirred bioreactors, disposable bioreactors and shake flasks to provide sufficient surface area for cell growth.
  • High area / volume ratio and high cell density.
  • Cell amplification is easy. Cells can be digested from the carrier and then inoculated into a new carrier, or the new carrier can be directly added to achieve "ball-to-ball" expansion culture.
Cell Cultivated for 24h,48h,72h and 96h(100X)
Micrographs of CHO K1 cells cultured with different concentrations of microcarriers
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*Use only under the guidance of a veterinarian
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