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Freemix Aqueous Compound Immunologic Adjuvant

The adjuvant is a suspension mixture containing a patented complexing agent. After use with vaccines, the appearance is a semitransparent uniform suspension mixture. It is mainly used in PCV, Hps and Mph inactivated vaccine fomulation.

Main Component:

Carbomer, cationic polymer, patented complexing agent


Character:  White or greyish-white uniform suspension mixture

Physicochemical Index:  PH value is 6.6-7.0. Desity is 1.000-1.030

Dosage: It is mainly applied to water-based inactivated pig vaccines. The product is a sterile solution, which can be mixed directly with the water-based antigen by the ratio of 1:1(mass ratio) at 300rpm for 10-20min.

Transportation and Storage: The product should be protected from rain, sunlight, and freezing during transportation. Handling should be carefully from damaging and pollution. Mixed with toxic and harmful substances in transportation is strictly prohibited. Keep away from light, store in dry and at room temperature.

Shelf Life: Under the packaging, transportation, and storage conditions conforming to the standards, the shelf life is 24 months

  • Mechanisms of Action

Immunomodulatory Activity

When entering the body together with the antigen, it can activate giant cells and granulocytes along with promoting cytokines release. It can activate, colonize and activate B cells and T cells along with promoting immunoglobulin and T cytokines release. Thereby the product can enhance the entire immune response.

Antigen storage and release

The adjuvant has biological viscosity. It conducts a slow-release effect after intramuscular injection that can release antigen sustainably. Therefore, the vaccine can work continuously and avoid burst effect. The adjuvant can maintain effective concentration and improve the immune effect.

Mucosal adsorption and permeation enhance effect

The cationic polymer in the adjuvant is positively charged. It is easy to absorption onto the surface, making the antigen difficult to be cleared by cilia at the site of action. At the same time, it can increase the permeability of the mucosal epithelium, activate and enhance the body's multiple immune pathways, and increase antibody titer of the antigen. It can shorten the immunization refractory period and reduce the number of vaccination.

  • Feature

Colloidal polymer cross-linked copolymers are used as materials to prepare the nanometer microsphere. The interior of the microspheres is a spatial network structure, which has a high efficiency of adsorbing antigen. Thus, it achieves long-term release and can recruit immune cells effectively.


Safe with residual:Pharmaceutical excipient,without any residual cautions

Safe for usage:Safe for injection and easy to absorb.

Safety Test:

ItemExperimental AnimalResultsReferences Standard
Acute Toxicity TestRat and MoueLD50>5000mg /kgGB 15193.3-2014
Chronic Toxicity TestRatNo chronic toxicityGB 15193.26-2015
Subchronic Toxicity TestRatNo significant subchronic toxicityGB 15193.15-2015

Highly Effective

After using with antigen, the vaccine has low viscosity and good fluidity, which is convenient for injection and absorption. Antibodies can be produced within 7 days after immunization and having longer protection period. Experimental data shows that the ability to produce interferon γ on induced cells is better than imported water adjuvant. The antibody titer after immunized with different doses vaccine with Seiwei water adjuvant is superior to certain imported water adjuvant and certain imported water adjuvant vaccine


The product is a sterile solution, which can be simply mixed with water-based antigen directly by the ratio of 1:1(mass ratio).


The main components are all imported and analyzed by imported precision instruments. Ensuring that the product quality is uniform and stable, with no inter-batch differences. Great stability used with the vaccine, less delamination or precipitation

*Use only under the guidance of a veterinarian
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