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Chong Er Mei——Coumpound Nystatin Ointment

  • For external use in the ear canal: Clear the external ear canal, squeeze 0.3g of the product (about the size of a pea) into the external ear canal and gently massage the base of the ear to cleanse the ointment adhering to the ear. Administer once daily for 21 consecutive days.
  • 10g/each * 12pcs/box

Chong Er Mei is a quadruple combination of trimethoprim, mycophenolate, permethrin and neomycin sulphate, with multiple effects such as antifungal, antibacterial, ear mite and various parasites repellent, anti-inflammatory and itch relief, etc. It is miraculously effective in the treatment of skin and ear diseases in dogs and cats.

•It adopts ultra-micro airflow crushing technology, combined with recrystallisation refining process, high-pressure homogenisation and cooling technology, and selected imported raw materials to ensure that the cream is delicate, oil-emulsion is not separated, and the efficacy is strong, specialising in the treatment of external ear inflammation and skin diseases caused by neomycin-sensitive bacteria, mycoplasma-sensitive fungi and permethrin-sensitive ear mites in dogs and cats.

Product Advantages

•A powerful quadruple compound formulation with multiple effects such as anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, ear mite and various parasites repellent, anti-inflammatory and anti-itch, effectively treating skin infections and ear diseases.

•28-day long-lasting effect due to recrystallisation and refining process
Selected imported raw materials, using multiple recrystallization refining process, from the source to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality, 28 days of stable and long-lasting efficacy.

•High-pressure homogenization process, oil-emulsion does not separate, long-lasting efficacy
Solid raw materials using ultra-micro airflow crushing technology and high-pressure homogenization process, the drug crystal particle size is once higher, to ensure that the size of the powder from 0.5-5mm to 1-10μm ultra-fine powder, breaking the general crushing technology can only make the powder particle size from 0.5-5mm to 45μm technical limitations. The cream is delicate and lubricious, comfortable to the touch, and the oil and milk are not separated, which improves the release rate of the product in vitro, fast-acting and long-lasting.

•Preferred FDA imported base, safe, non-toxic and non-irritating
The FDA food additive grade imported base is safe, non-toxic and non-irritating, combined with a unique cooling technology to ensure that the consistency of the cream is moderate in all scenarios.

*Use only under the guidance of a veterinarian
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