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Classical Swine Fever Virus E2 Protein Recombinant Baculovirus Vaccine, Inactivated (Strain Rb-03)

For the prevention and control of classical swine fever virus in swine. The duration of immunity for non-maternal antibodies starter is 24 weeks.

 Classical Swine Fever Virus E2 Protein ≥ 40ug/ 2ml

Vaccinate intramuscularly behind the ear with a single 2 mL dose

This product is a labeled vaccine, which helps differentiate between vaccine-immunized and field-strain-infected antibodies better to help prevent swine fever, control and purification.

Solve the four significant challenges faced by swine farms:

Persistent infection by low-virulence swine fever viruses

Uneven levels of swine fever antibodies

Difficulty in improving the production performance of non-purified farms

The need for comprehensive purification

One injection can produce a high and uniform antibody level. It can accurately block swine fever virus transmission and break through the limitations of maternal antibodies and immunosuppressive diseases.

Key technologies

The product is produced using virus etching cloning technology and high-density serum-free suspension culture technology to efficiently and stably express E2 protein, which is purer and more stable.

*Use only under the guidance of a veterinarian
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