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Kewenjian – Classical Swine Fever Vaccine, Live (Cell Line Origin)

Indication and usage: For the prevention of swine fever. The immune period of piglets without maternal antibody after weaning is 12 months.


(1)10 doses/vial

(2)20 doses/vial

(3)40 doses/vial

(4)50 doses/vial

(5)100 doses/vial

Approval Number: Veterinary drug biological product 160021084

Main constituents and content: This product is Classical Swine Fever Lapinized Virus (CVCC AV1412) inoculated at culture in susceptible subculture cells, collecting the culture, add proper stabilizer, and finally made by freeze vacuum drying. No less than 0.015ml cell virus culture per dose.

Character: Light yellow sponge like loose mass, easy to spate from the bottle wall, dissolve quickly after adding diluent.

Administration and dosage: Intramuscular or subcutaneous injection.

  • According to the doses indicated on the bottle label, dilute with sterile normal saline to as 1 dose/ml or 1.0ml per head.
  •  In areas where is no swine fever, piglets without maternal antibodies after weaning can be inoculated only once. In case of epidemic threat, piglets can be inoculated once at the age of 21-30 days and 65 days, respectively.

Storage and shelf life:Under -15℃ and keep from light, valid for 18 months.

*Use only under the guidance of a veterinarian
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