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Porcine Circovirus Type 2 and Haemophilus Parasuis Vaccine, Inactivated (SH Strain + Serotype 4, JS Strain + Serotype 5, ZJ Strain)

For use in healthy swine as an aid in the prevention of viremia, aid in the reduction of virus shedding and aid in the reduction of lymphoid infection caused by porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV 2), and as an aid in the reduction of inflammation due to haemophilus parasuis serotype 4 and serotype 5. Efficacy for more than 12 weeks following completion of vaccination has been demonstrated.

Presentation20ml, 40ml, 100ml, 250ml

Packing:40 bottle / case, 60 bottle / case, 150 bottle / case, 300 bottle / case,


  1. One shot achieves two epidemic prevention and better control efficient
  2. The first one in China and which has completely independent intellectual property rights
  3. Porcine circovirus type 2 (SH strain) antigen content reaches 106.0TCID50, and the antigen content of Haemophilus Parasuis (type 4 JS strain + type 5 ZJ strain) reaches 2.0×109.0CFU/ml.
  4. Polymeric nanoparticle water-based adjuvant FreemixTM, safer and more effortless

The positive charge on the surface of the nanoparticles and the special spatial reticulation structure realizes the efficient adsorption and storage of antigens, and the particle size of about 1000m is easily recognized by the antigen-presenting cells. The immunization period is up to 4 months.

  • With Epidemic strains, green antibacterial reduction more easily

Haemophilus parasuis is selected from the dominant serotypes in China (serotypes 4 and 5) and shows different degrees of cross-protection to Haemophilus parasuis type 12 and 13 strains, which can effectively prevent and control Haemophilus parasuis; reduce the use of antibiotics and achieve environmental and safe breeding.

China Veterinary Drug Biological Product Approval No. : 1630021152

Each dose(2ml)containing follows:

  • Inactivated antigen of Porcine Circovirus Type 2 SH Strain ≥1.0×106.0TCID50
  • Inactivated antigen of Haemophilus Parasuis Serotype 4 JS Strain ≥3.6×109CFU
  • Inactivated antigen of Haemophilus Parasuis Serotype 5 ZJ Strain ≥3.6×109CFU


  • Intramuscular injection in the neck of pigs, the dosage is 2ml per head. Piglets are first vaccinated at age of 14 to 21 days and then repeated 3 weeks later.
  • For sow 6 to 7 weeks before labor, 4ml per head and then repeated 3 weeks later
  • Warm the vaccine to room temperature immediately prior to administration
  • If the vaccine is discoloration, emulsification, bottle breakage, mixed foreign matter, etc., Do Not Use.
  • Use entire contents on the day when first opened
*Use only under the guidance of a veterinarian
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