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Porcine Circovirus Disease Type 2 Antibody ELISA Test Kit

Function and Usage

For detection porcine circovirus IgA antibody in swine serum samples.

Main ingredients and content

Kit Component 1Plate/Box 2Plate/Box 5Plate/Box
Antibody-coated ELISA Plate 1*96 wells 2*96 wells 5*96 wells
Negative Control 1ml 2ml 5ml
Positive Control 1ml 2ml 5ml
Enzyme-antibody Conjugate 6ml 12ml 30ml
Wash Buffer (20 x concentrate) 30ml 60ml 150ml
Substrate A 6ml 12ml 30ml
Substrate B 6ml 12ml 30ml
Stop Solution 6ml 12ml 30ml
Sealed bag 1 1 1
Closure plate membrane 2 4 10
Instruction Manual 1 1 1

Usage and Result Interpretation


1Plate/Box(96 well/Plate); 2Plate/Box(96 well/Plate); 5Plate/Box(96 well/Plate)

Storage and Shelf Life

Store at 2°C~8°C, valid for 12 months

*Use only under the guidance of a veterinarian
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