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Porcine Peseudorabies Virus gD Protein Antibody Blocking ELISA Test Kit

Function and Usage

For the detection of antibodies against porcine pseudorabies virus gD glycoprotein in pig serum samples.

Product Use

Application scenario:  Breeding groups, third-party testing institutions, research institutes, etc.

Reaction principle:    Blocking method

Technical Parameters

Sensitivity:  High Sensitivity; Antibodies to classical strains of porcine pseudorabies virus are detectable, and wild strain can be detected 5 to 6 days after the attack.

Specificity:  100%, no cross-reactivity with common antibodies to other porcine viruses, and negative for antibodies to the gD genetic deletion strain of porcine pseudorabies virus

Repeatability: Less intra-batch and inter-batch variation, coefficient of variation less than 10%; Consistent results in different laboratories, adaptability

Convenience: Simple operation, no pre-dilution of samples

Main ingredients and content

Kit Component1Plate/Box2Plate/Box5Plate/Box
Antibody-coated ELISA Plate1*96 wells2*96 wells5*96 wells
Enzyme-antibody Conjugate12ml25ml60ml
Negative Control0.5ml1ml2.5ml
Positive Control0.5ml1ml2.5ml
Sample Dilute12ml25ml60ml
Wash Buffer (20 x concentrate)50ml100ml250ml
Substrate A6ml12ml30ml
Substrate B6ml12ml30ml
Stop Solution6ml12ml30ml
Sealed bag111
Closure plate membrane2410
Instruction Manual111

Operation Flow

Result Determination: Microplate reader detection, according to the determination method for the determination of results

Specification: 2 plate/box; 5 plate box

Product validity: 12 months

Product storage conditions: 2℃~8℃

*Use only under the guidance of a veterinarian
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