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Porcine Circovirus Type 2 Vaccine, Inactivated (SH Strain)

For the active immunization of pigs over the age of two weeks against porcine circovirus type 2 to reduce viremia, fecal shedding and lymphoid lesions.

20ml ×300bottle


China Veterinary Drug Biological Product Approval No. :160021069

ACTIVE SUBSTANCE:Porcine Circovirus Type 2 virus, Strain SH (Before inactivation≥1.0*106.0 TCID50 /ml )

PHARMACEUTICAL FORM Pinkish emulsion for injection

Efficacy for at least 12 weeks following completion of vaccination has been demonstrated.


Initiate in China and establishment a new standard for inactivated circovirus vaccine

Leading Process ——PKK clone cells tidal microcarrier suspension culture

Ensure the P50 generation still maintains the high sensitivity to PCV2

The use of tidal micro-carrier suspension culture.

  • Reduce the shear force during cell culture and enhance cell activity
  • Full closed pipeline control reduces the chance of exogenous contamination effectively
  • All-in and all-out, increase single batch yield, and reducing inner batch variation
  • High cell density and high potency of viral production, improving vaccine antigen content and ensuring stable product quality.

Stable quality——Optimization and upgrading of cloning technology

Deep purification of PCV2 antigen, removal of BSA from serum, reduction of heterologous proteins, and elimination of tramp protein and cell debris from semi-finished products, making the antigen content more stable.

Adjuvant upgrade - safer, more efficient, and longer lasting

Biphasic compound adjuvant (W/OW) can better stimulate humoral immunity and cellular immunity, which can make antibody protection more comprehensive, herd healthier and more effective while releasing quickly and taking effect after immunization.

Immune enhancement - Billion level market clinical verification

The clinical application of hundred million pigs once again proves that Yuanjian can significantly reduce the production cost and improve the economic efficiency of pig farms.

Recommended immunization program

  • General immunization: 3-4 weeks after the first immunization, booster immunization once, 2ml each time.
  • Gilt: 2 times at 3-4 weeks interval before breeding, 2 ml each time.
  • Sow: 4-6 weeks before farrowing, immunize 2ml.
  • Piglets: first immunization at 3 weeks of age, 2 weeks between immunizations, 1ml each time

Good feeding management and advacned immunization program are the basis for preventing and controlling circovirus-related diseases and improving production performance and pig raising efficiency. We suggest that sow and piglets can be immunized together, the effect is more obvious, and the prevention and control is more thorough.

*Use only under the guidance of a veterinarian
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