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DNA/RNA Eraser

Removes contaminated DNA and RNA from the surface of laboratory lab instruments and operation sites, and reduces PCR/RT-PCR cross-contamination.

Can be used to clean electrophoresis equipment, pipettes, centrifuge tubes, centrifuge columns and other devices.


High efficiency, fast degradation of DNA and RNA, spraying, fumigation or wiping action for 10~20 minutes can completely degrade nucleic acid contamination.

 Safe, all components are degradable, no carcinogenic components, no harm to human body.

Non-corrosive, does not contain strong acids, strong bases, strong oxidizers and other corrosive substances, and will not affect equipment such as PCR instruments, nucleic acid extractors and centrifuges.


It is non-polluting to the experiments we perform, and can be used not only before and after the experiments, but also during the experiments to ensure the accuracy of the experimental results from all aspects.

Although this DNA/RNA Eraser is composed of two bottles of AB reagent, it is very easy to operate! Simply mix DNA/RNA Eraser A and B at 1:250, shake well and use (used nucleic acid eraser should be sealed and refrigerated and stored at 2~8℃ for no more than 1 month).

*Use only under the guidance of a veterinarian
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