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Pulike Zhengliu Avian Vaccine : Small Doses, Big Possibilities


Newcastle Disease, Avian Influenza Vaccine(H9 subunit); Inactivated (Strain La Sota +StrainSZ ) Repacking Available on the bulk

R&D History

In recent years, the incidence of respiratory diseases in commercial broilers, with "bronchial blockage and blackened lungs" as typical autopsy lesions, has remained high and become the most important disease affecting broiler production performance. The frequent occurrence of respiratory diseases in commercial laying hens/breeders, frequent decline in egg quality and egg production rate, unsatisfactory immunization effect of avian influenza H9 and Newcastle disease vaccine, and excessive stress after immunization are the main reasons for the persistence of the above diseases. The market is in urgent need of new stream diphtheria vaccine with high protection rate, fast antibody production, high antibody generation, long maintenance time, small injection dose and low immune stress。

New Avian Influenza H9 strain
In recent years, hundreds of strains of H9 AIV have been isolated from all over the country, verified by immune attack protection tests and carefully selected vaccine strains, the H9 strains that have undergone layers of testing have come out with a wide antigenic spectrum and good cross-protection, and have been well received by our customers.
High product protection rate
The product uses the research results of the National Veterinary Medicine Engineering and Technology Research Centre on Newcastle disease in recent years, which has significantly increased the antibody potency and provided industry-leading protection against the attack of Newcastle disease wild virus in the field.
Small doses and advanced technology
The strain of Zhengliu has the characteristic of inducing high antibody production, adopting the super-purification and concentration technology of antigen and the unique emulsification process, and using the new "863" adjuvant of Pulike, which makes the immunization dose of the product only 0.3ml/chicken and 0.15ml/chick, greatly reducing the immunization stress.

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