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Pulike’s research on African swine fever subunit vaccine


Pulike's research on African swine fever subunit vaccine in collaboration with the Lan Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences is progressing as expected and is currently improving relevant research materials in accordance with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's emergency evaluation requirements, with a view to submitting an emergency evaluation application as soon as possible. There are two main technical routes for the development of African swine fever vaccines: live and inactivated vaccines. The subunit vaccine is the ideal route as it is inactivated and does not pose biosafety-related risks. Based on our visits to farms and communication with experts at the grassroots level, the market is currently welcoming the subunit vaccines that meet the national guidelines for vaccine efficacy evaluation. Considering the difficulty of developing the African swine fever subunit vaccine, the complexity of the process and the high R&D labour cost and production cost, if the African swine fever subunit vaccine can be approved for the market, the market space is still very large based on the expected ex-factory price of around RMB 25 and two injections per pig.

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