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Innovation Creates the Future

The “Creation and Application of Novel Genetic Engineering Vaccines for Poultry” project of Pulike won the second prize of Henan Province Science and Technology Progress Award


On January 10th, the Henan Province Science and Technology Awards Conference was held at the Provincial People's Hall, solemnly recognizing the winners of the 2023 Henan Province Science and Technology Outstanding Contribution Award, Natural Science Award, Technology Invention Award, and Science and Technology Progress Award. Provincial Party Secretary Lou Yangsheng presented medals and certificates to the award-winning representatives, and Dr. Pang Wenqiang was invited to participate in the conference on behalf of Pulike Company.

In this commendation conference, Dr. Pang Wenqiang presided over the project "Creation and Application of Novel Genetic Engineering Vaccines for Poultry" jointly applied by Pulike and its subsidiary Huizhong Biotechnology, which won the second prize of the Henan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.

This project aims to address the issues of low antigen purity, high vaccination frequency, high injection stress, and high side reaction rates in traditional poultry vaccines. After 11 years of continuous research and development, 6 new genetic engineering vaccines for poultry have been created, 6 national new veterinary drug certificates have been obtained, and 21 invention patents have been authorized. The products created have been transformed in 14 leading animal vaccine enterprises, leading the technological progress and industrial upgrading of the animal vaccine industry. The product is widely used nationwide, generating direct economic benefits of over 1 billion yuan and recovering economic losses of over 30 billion yuan, effectively ensuring the stable and healthy development of the poultry breeding industry, with huge economic and social benefits.

Dr. Pang Wenqiang has long been dedicated to animal disease prevention and control, as well as product development, with remarkable achievements. In recent years, Dr. Pang Wenqiang has won 3 first prizes and 1 second prize in provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards; Hosted/participated in 10 provincial-level or above research projects, obtained 12 authorized invention patents (4 international patents), and published 27 academic papers; The research and development projects I have led have obtained 15 national new veterinary drug certificates, and an additional 16 products have obtained clinical trial approvals. The cumulative technology transfer amount for the new products is 98 million yuan. It was rated as the second outstanding scientific and technological talents in Luoyang, the eighth leading talent in industrial innovation, and the exemplary individual in scientific and technological innovation in 2022.

The award of Pulike fully reflects the company's technological innovation and product transformation ability in the field of avian vaccine research and development, which is the accumulation and return of the company's long-term investment. In the future, Pulike will continue to adhere to the development concept of "innovation achieves the future", increase research and development investment, strengthen industry university research cooperation, continuously improve independent innovation capabilities, and make greater contributions to promoting the development of China's animal biological products industry.

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