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Good news! Shuangge Anti-Diarrhea Granules” jointly declared by Pulike and its subsidiaries won the certificate of new veterinary drug


Recently, "Shuangge Anti-diarrhea Granules" jointly declared by PLECO and its subsidiaries was approved as a new veterinary drug! Up to now, Pulike and its subsidiaries have obtained 58 new veterinary drug registration certificates!

According to the Regulations on Veterinary Drug Administration and the Measures for Registration of Veterinary Drugs, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, after examination, approved "Shuang Ge Anti-Diarrhea Granules" jointly declared by Pulike Biological Engineering., Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Luoyang Huizhong Veterinary Medicine Co., Ltd. and Henan Xinchu Biological Engineering Co.

Basic information of new veterinary drugs

Name of the new veterinary drug: Shuangge antidiarrheal granules

Registration classification: The 4th categories

Main ingredients: Honeysuckle, Pueraria lobata, Scutellaria baicalensis, Radix Scutellariae, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Radix et Rhizoma Glycyrrhizae.

Effects and Uses: Clearing heat and detoxifying, drying dampness and stopping diarrhea. Mainly used for the treatment of damp-heat diarrhea in chickens, evidenced by yellow-white or yellow-green dilute stools, etc.

Market Background:

Chicken E. coli disease is the main cause of chicken diarrhea, causing serious harm to China's poultry industry, Chinese veterinary medicine that chicken E. coli disease is mostly manifested as damp-heat diarrhea evidence. In order to treat chicken E. coli disease and respond to the call of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to reduce the use of veterinary antimicrobial drugs, Pleco has successfully developed a new veterinary drug, Shuang Ge Anti-Diarrhea Granules, based on the classical formula "Ge Gen Scutellaria Tang" from the "Treatise on Typhoid Fever", based on the basic theory of Chinese veterinary medicine, taking into full consideration the market demand of breeding, and after scientific prescription screening. This product is made from authentic herbs, using modern extraction, purification and preparation process, with the characteristics of controlled quality, safety and effectiveness, no drug residue and not easy to develop drug resistance.

The acquisition of this new veterinary drug certificate is the result of the company's continuous attention to scientific and technological innovation and increased investment

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