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Duck Tembusu Viral Disease Vaccine,Live(Strain FX2010-180P)

Content:Duck Tembusu Viral Strain FX2010-180P≥10^3.5 TCID50

Duration of Immunization: 24 weeks

200dose*300bottle,1000dose *300 bottle


  • Fast-acting

Rapid onset-7 days after immunization, 100% antibody positivity in 14 days.

Immunization at 1-2 weeks of age can prevent the neurological symptoms caused by Duck Tambushu virus in chicks at 3-7 weeks of age.

  • Safety

180 consecutive generations, better safety, no damage to organs, safe development of ovaries.

Higher purity of vaccine, lower dose compared to inactivated vaccine, less immune stress.

  • Full Protection

Excellent protection effect, high antigenic potency, and immunization attack protection rate are much higher than the regulation standard.

A wide range of protection can produce obvious protection effects on different breeds of ducks & geese, broiler ducks & geese, and egg breeders ducks & geese.

Administration and Dosage

Intramuscular injection. Dilute the vaccine with sterile saline to 1 dose per 0.2 ml according to the dose indicated on the bottle label. For ducks aged 21 days or above, inject 0.2 ml per duck.

ducks & geese for egg: vaccination at 7-21 day-old or before laying.

ducks & geese for meat use: vaccination at 7-21 day-old


 (1) Avoid high temperatures and sunlight during transportation, storage and use.

(2) Cracked vials or leaking should not be used.

(3) Vaccines should be used within the labelled expiration date.

(4) The vaccine diluent should be injected into the vial before use, and repeatedly pumped and mixed.

(5) After opening the vaccine bottle, it should be used up within 8 hours at room temperature.

*Use only under the guidance of a veterinarian
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