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Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus Colloidal Gold Strip

Function and Usage

For detection of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in swine feces swab,feces, small intestine content and virus cultivation samples.

Main ingredients and content

Items 10 Strips /Kit 50 Strips/Kit
PEDV Colloidal Gold Test Strip 10 Strips 50 Strips
Sample Treatment Tube (with solution and other tool) 1ml x 10 tube 1ml x 50 tube
Sample Collection Swab 10 Strips 50 Strips
Instruction Manual 1 1

Technical Parameter


Usage and Result Interpretation

1.Sample process:Swine feces swab,feces, small intestine content sample    With sample treatment swab and tool processes the swine feces swab,feces, small intestine content (approximately 100mg). Allow the sample to dissolve fully in the treatment solution.

2.Liquid sample   Mix the liquid sample and sample treatment solution in 1:1 volume in the sample treatment tube.

3.Add sample     Break the seal of sample treatment tube and add 4 drop (approximately 100ul) of processed sample treatment solution.

Result Detection    

Sit still and observe the result within 10 minutes. Both the control line and the test line are colored, result is positive, see Figure 1; only the control line is colored and result is negative, see Figure 2; the control line is not colored and not invalid, see Figure 3.


  • This product is only used for veterinary diagnosis. The operation should be strictly performed according to the instructions. Do not use products beyond the expire date. Do not reuse the kit.
  • Stored in a dry environment at 2~30℃, protect from light; Test at room temperature. Exposure to high humidity can affect results.
  • Do not use samples that have been kept for a long time or got contamination; Sample processing must be performed in strict accordance with the instructions and improper sample processing may affect the test results.
  • Sample collection or processing improper can cause false positive.
  • Due to the different Intensity of positive sample, the detection line may show inconsistent color shades
  • When the sample is too viscous or the intensity of the T line is strong, the c line may be weak or colorless, so dilute the sample and retest it.
  • All samples, waste liquids and wastes should be treated as infectious agents, detoxified according to infectious pollutants.


10 Strip/Box; 50 Strip/Box

Storage and Shelf Life

Store at 2℃~30℃, valid for 24 months

*Use only under the guidance of a veterinarian
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