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QS201-Compound immune adjuvant

Main components: Polypeptide active substances

Usage and dosage: Preparation of oil emulsion to inactivate vaccine. When preparing the aqueous phase before emulsification, the product is added to the aqueous phase, mixed well, and then emulsified according to conventional methods. The final content of the finished product is 4‰–8‰.

Character : Light yellow to brown clarified, non-toxic, odourless solution

pH: 7.0-8.5, density: 1.000-1.050

Transport: Products should be protected from rain, moisture, sunlight and pollution during transportation. Handling should be carefully from damaging and pollution. Mixed with toxic and harmful substances in transportation is strictly prohibited.

Storage: room temperature in clean, light-avoidance, dry warehouse, avoid freezing: ≥10cm from the ground, ≥20cm from the wall, not with toxic, harmful, odorous, volatile, easy to erode and other items in the same warehouse.

Shelf life: 24 months

1. Security and stability

This product is safe and does not contain any banned ingredients. No differences, uniformity, and stability in product lots.

2. Rapid rise of antibodies and the significant increase in vaccine antibody levels

Adjuvants added to the vaccine can activate and enhance multiple immune pathways in the body, and increase the antibody titer of the vaccine antigenic components after immunization, especially for increasing antibody titer of H9 subtype avian influenza, Newcastle disease, chicken infectious bursal disease and egg drop syndrome.

3. Shorten the duration of immunization, extend the period of immunization protection, and reduce the number of vaccinations

It shortens the immunization period of the vaccine, stimulates the body to produce high-titer antibodies, lasts longer and reduces the immunized times.

4. Ease of use

When the aqueous phase of the vaccine is configured before emulsification, the adjuvant is added to the water tank in a certain proportion and mixed well, then it can be emulsified with the oil phase according to the original process of vaccine preparation.

*Use only under the guidance of a veterinarian
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